Welcome to My New Blog

This is an organized archive of the best of my two previous art blogs (here and here). Both sites are still viewable in their original forms on Blogger, but a glitch in the matrix prevents me from being able to post new material. Having written 15 years of reports, reviews and rants, I decided to reorganize and repost the best of them here. It’s an ongoing project, so I invite you to return regularly to see what’s posted.

The sidebar left lists whats current or coming. 

A Lifetime of Work—Featuring the work of some 125 artists

Marketing Mondays—167 posts written  between January 2009 and November 2012

The Pandemic Posts—What artists were up to during lockdown

The Donny Journals—Because the only way I stayed sane was to mock him
About this Blog—Links to the archived sites

JM Links—This is where it's all about me

Curatorial Projects—Four physical exhibition and one ongoing online project

Please Donate—Because your support makes much of this possible

Coming Soon
Mothers of Invention—Women of inspiration and longevity
Art fair links—Organized by year

Color and Materiality—I'm thinking about how to best organize these posts