Indexed Posts 2021-2006

Although time does not permit me to physically migrate every post from the archived blogs to here, this organized index will allow you to access all the posts with a click. If the past few years seem sparse, that's because in 2020 I did so many Pandemic Posts, which have their own section. And my online curatorial project, Italianità, took up the early part of 2021. Plus there's that full-time job I have—painting. I posted about recent solos here and here. In 2019 I worked on Mothers on Invention, which has its own section, and published my memoir, Vita. But scroll down. There's a lot to read.

Martin Puryear at MoMA, 2007

Color, Materiality, Geometry


. As Winter Wanes, Color Blooms  Roundup of a range of work with color as the unifying element


. The Glorious RGB  Online curation of chromatic work


Five Shows in Chelsea Nozkowski, Plagens, Freeman, Moyer, Baker

. Looking Sharp  Odili Odita, Blyton, Zarate, Hill, Schiliro, Behnke, Naves, Judge

. Maximal and Minimal  Nobui Fukui and Francois Morellet


. Hybrid Form at Thatcher Projects Badur, Chacon, Chandra, Finklea, Larsen, Roth, Mattera

. Balm and Spark  Katherine Bradford, Steven Alexander, Emil Lukas, Ken Weathersby

. More Balm, More Spark Grabner, Bottwin, Bolt, Langley, Mason, Lutz, Spergel, Walsh, Grassi, Glessner, Parisi, BUmiller, Fayer, Sheinkman, Schwalb

. Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us) Jeffrey Cortland Jones's traveling project

. Soft Shapes, Sharp Angles  Frecon, Suzuki, Smith, Pozzi, Uchiyama, Wethli, Grubin, Karolak, Sloane, Spector, Evertz, Binion, Dowell, Kalina, Biggers, Reinhardt

. Shape, Gesture, Surface  Wayne, Murray Fishman, Krasner, Berger, Belag, Humphries

. Blanc et Noir  Blum, Chase-Riboud, Bland, Serra, Cortland Jones

. Eccentric Domesticity  Three shows: Modern Domestics, Domestic Disturbances, Roots of The Dinner Party

. Stitched, Stapled, Tacked  Pindell, Letscher, Natale, Lou

. An Afternoon in Bushwick  Goodman, Bellinger, Bjork, Brown, Colormania at Odetta

. Material Pleasure  Chase-Riboud, Bland, Tianmiao, Apfelbaum, Soares, Semmes, D'Arrigo, Asawa, Oppenheim, Ravtiz, Smith, Biggers, Lyon, Bourgeois, Arte Povera artists


. The Illusive Eye, Part 1  Spectacular optical geometry at El Museo del Barrio . . .

. The Illusive Eye, Part 2  . . . in two parts

. A Visit to the Outer Cape Butler, Horvath, and Miranda at Castle Hill; Lipton and Vevers at Albert Merola; Lutz at Schoolhouse

. Buddha in the Berkshires  At the Berkshire Museum

. The Encaustic Conference and Art in Provincetown

. Room 83 Spring  An artist-curated project in Watertown, Mass.
Nancy White at Steven Zevitas  

. Nancy Natale and Marybeth Rothman on Newbury Street 
. The Presence of Harmonies at the Peabody Essex Museum  Anila Quayyum Agha  
A Few Days on Cape Cod  Sarah Hinckley at The Cape Cod Museum of Art; the Provincetown galleries

. Chromatic Space  American Abstract Artists show Downtown, curated by Jonathan Lippincott 

. The Onward of Art  American Abstract Artists show in Midtown, curated by Karen Wilkin


. September's Bounty: Color, Surface, Gesture Maine, Nelson, Christensen, Ferris, McCarthy

. Systems that Dazzle  Gabriele Evertz at Minus Space and hard-edge abstraction at D. Wigmore 

. August Geometry at Marcia Wood Gallery  Gallery and invited artists

. Washington Color in Chelsea  Davis, Reed, Thomas, Noland, Gilliam, Louis, Downing

. Jack Tworkov: Mark and Grid

. Going Big on the Lower East Side  Suzan Shutan and Susan Carr invited 111 of their closest friends to show together


. Color as Structure at McKenzie Fine Art  Gallery and invited artists 

. Centering  Mangold, Dowell, Bisbee and others

. Summer Solo: Nancy Natale

. Summer Solo: Karen Schifano  

. Summer Solo: Brenda Goodman  

. Summer Solo: Debra Ramsay  

. Summer Solo: Helen Miranda Wilson  

. Not So Subtle  Kara Walker's Big Sugar Mammy in the old Domino factory in Brooklyn

. To Leo: A Tribute from American Abstract Artists  The long-running artists' group honors one of its founders in an exhibition at Sideshow in Brooklyn 

. Orly Genger: Full Enclosure  Installation in Madison Square Park

. Swept Away at the Cape Cod Museum of Art 

. Painting in Chelsea  Wynne Reeves, Antonakos, Held, Weinstein, Kelly, Lewis, Urso, Sprecher, Witmer, Baker, Smith, Poons

. Canvasing the Neighborhood Giorgio Griffa and Sharon Butler

. Building Geometry  Alexander, Isensee, Johanson, Maychak  

. Josef Albers Painting on Paper at the Morgan Library  

. Color: Field and Form, Part 1  Anne Truitt, Anne Appleby, Julian Jackson

. Color: Field and Form, Part 2  Estrada-Vega,Johnston, Korman, Gimblett

. Color: Field and Form, Part 3   Rolling in the Deep at Kenise Barnes Fine Art

. Color: Field and Form, Part 4   Charlene von Heyl   

. Color: Field and Form, Part 5   Guy Goodwin

. Color: Field and Form, Part 7   Sheila Hicks and Fabienne Lasserre

. Color: Field and Form, Part 8   Lisa Hoke and Martin Klein

. Color: Field and Form, Part 9   Art in Provincetown and Truro

. Color: Field and Form, Part 10 The Hudson Valley: Fishman, Goodman, Natale, Azara, Bjork

. Color: Field and Form, Part 11 Fran Shalom, Debra Ramsay, Martha Clippinger

. Color: Field and Form, Part 12  Bednarek, Oppermann, Waskiewicz 

. Super Saturated: Pigment and Pattern Curated by Kenise Barnes for Schweinfurth Art Center

. Color and Form: Ron Gorchov

. Kevin Finklea: Active Equipoise  

. A Tour of Lush Geometry at DM Contemporary

. Joanne Freeman: Calligraphic Blue  

. Some Sculpture Esther Klas, Rachel Beach, Vincent Fecteau, Arlene Shechet

. Making Room in New Haven  Suzan Shutan's curatorial effort with Melanie Carr, Kevin Daly, Robert Gregson, Adam Lister, Faber Lorne, Debra Ramsay, Karen Schifano, Paul Theriault, Jill Vasileff


. The Big Woozy  Serra sculptures

. Geometry: Old School, New School  Frederick Hammersley, Ann Pibal

. Beautiful Violence  A stellar Lucio Fontana in copper

. The Shadow Knows  Regina Silveira's window installation at Alexander Gray in CHelsea

. Melissa Meyer: New Paintings and Watercolors  

. Optic Nerve  Douglas Melini, Gary Petersen, and Sarah Walker

. News of the World  David Byrne, Ingo Gunther, Nick Cave 

. Swoon at Boston's ICA  

. Not About Paint at Zevitas, Boston  Braman, Ryman, Da Corte, Hyde, Hubbard, Stockholder

. Jennifer Riley and Nancy Natale in Boston

. Gwyneth Leach: Arrangement in Gray and Cups  

. Pinheads: Tara Donovan and Alyson Schotz  

. Red with a Black and White Chaser  Newman, Reinhardt, Rothko, Nevelson, Leslie  

. It's a Plane, Part 1  Group show, Plane Speaking, at McKenzie Fine Art

. It's a Plane, Part 2  Steven Alexander and Taro Suzuki at Heidi Cho; Sven Lukin at Gary Snyder

. It's a Plane, Part 3  Held, Stezaker, Park, Bottwin, Overton, Dudley, Busch


. Seeing the Light  Dan Flavin

. Big Bang  Joy Garnett   

. Family Ties  Ryman, Stella Gee's Bend, Stark, WEstfal, Dowell, Anuszkiewicz

. Joan Snyder: A Year in Painting  

. Entanglements  Pfaff, Steinkamp, Calame

. Lines and Curves  Kim Uchiyama, Suzan Frecon

. Petite Sizes Only: Charles LeDray at Boston's ICA  

. Central Time  The spiral with DeGennaro, Cambronne, Milhazes, Mattera, McQuillan,  Azara

. Line and Space  Suzanne Ulrich, Joel Shapiro 

. Seeing Red: The Play  The Broadway play about Mark Rothko

. Seeing Red: The Dress  Marina at MoMA

. Seeing Red: Some Paintings  Frecon, Wiley, Qadri,Holzman, Anuszkiewicz

. Big Geometries  Isensee, Halley

. Small Geometries  Finklea, Wilson

. Geometric Themes and Variations  Gloria Klein's curated group show at Gallery 128

. Three Sculptors  Azara, Dodson, Rydingsvard

. Get Your Retinas in Shape  Kuttner, Sprecher, Isserman

. Out of the Blue  My digital print series

. Color Forms, Part 1  Bottwin, Whitney, Newell, Langley, Martin, Klauber

. Color Forms, Part 2  Richter, Parlato, Tanner, Ayott, Magnanti   

. Atmospheric  Flavin, Wheeler, Alexander, Pashgian, Kauffman, Bell, Berkowitz, Jackson, Frankenthaler

. Sharon Horvath at Lori Bookstein


. Five Shows in Chicago  Tileston, Waterloo, Karaabenick, Cook, Blum 

. A First Look and a Last Chance  Shows at DM Contemporary and Metaphor Contemporary

. Branching Out at the Met  Roxy Paine on the Roof

. Big Trees, Little Branches  Sandra Allen at Carroll and Sons in Boston; Paine at James Cohan

. Stripes/Solids  Group show at Paula Cooper

. Color-Time-Space  Joanne Freeman and Kim Uchiyama's curated show at Lohin Geduld

. Sculpture Roundup in Chelsea  Plensa, Warren, Stein, Cutler, Fecteau. Graves, Yoder, Reyle 

. Maya Lin: Three Ways of Looking at the Earth  

. Water, Water Everywhere  Bjork, Heidenheimer

. The L'eau Down  Paparazzi pics from Metaphor’s Slippery When Wet  

. What I Saw THis Summer: Montreal  Betty Goodwin, Spring Hurlburt, Robert Polidor at le Musee d’art Contemporain; Michal Rovner at DHC Art

. What I Saw This Summer: More Paintings  DannielleTegeder;  A.I.R.’s postcard show, Wish You Were Here

. What I Saw This Summer: Paintings  Rose Olson, Jacqueline Ott in Boston; Kate Beck in Maine

. Helen Miranda Wilson at Victoria Munroe in Boston   

. Darra Keeton and David Headley at Drawer 158 in Tribeca  

. (Un) Common Threads, Part 1  Schnitger, Sharrett, Lou, Shalala

. (Un) Common Threads, Part 2  Group show, By a Thread,  at Elizabeth Harris Gallery 

. Douglas Witmer and Carrie Patterson at The Painting Center 

. Don Voisine at McKenzie Fine Art  

. James LIttle at the June Kelly Gallery 

. Marcia Hafif at Larry Becker, Philadelphia 

. Paper: Pressed, Stained, Folded, Slashed at MoMA, Part 1 

Paper: Pressed, Stained, Folded, Slashed at MoMA, Part 2  

. Milhazes in the Window  Beatriz at James Coham

. Yayoi Kusama at Gagosian  

. Louise Fishman at Cheim and Read 

. Sol Lewitt at MoMA

. Grace DeDennaro: Wellspring 

. Thornton WIllis at Elizabeth Harris 

. Ellsworth Kelly at Matthew Marks 

. SoHo Geo  Navarra at OK Harris; Whitney Rhodes, and Einarsson at Team 

. Fred Sandback at David Zwirner  

. Grids and Lattices  Heilmann, Irwin, Rossmarin, Willis, Knoebel and more  

. Five Artists, One Film: Our City of Dreams  Swoon, Amer, Abramovic, Smith, Spero


. Beatriz Milhazes and Tomma Abts  

. Al Held and Lisa Hoke  

. Geometry Westrfall, Zox, Wixted, Gallagher 

. Joanna Pousette-Dart and Ron Gorchov  

. Mary Heilmann at the New Museum  

. Cubes Squared  Jackie Winsor and Tara Donovan 

. Rose Olson: Ethereal Color

. Bram Bogart: Hunks of Color   

. Material Color  Mary Birmingham's splendid group show at the Hunterdon Art Museum

. Vibrational Geometry  Optical paintings at D. Wigmore Fine Art

. Acute Conditions, Part 1  Shar-edged abstraction from Butler, Freeman, White

. Acute Conditions, Part 2 Willis, Heilmann, Dincan, Coates

. Calculated Color on Cape Cod  Jane Lincoln's splendid curated show

. Homage to the Square  El Lissitzky, Albers, Kelly, Heilmann

Geo/Metric at MoMA, Part 1 Curators Starr Figura and Kathleen Curry assembled . . . 

. Geo/Metrics at MoMA, Part 2 . . . a stellar show from the museum's collection

. Geo/Metrics, Part 3

. Geo/Metrics, Part 4  

. Gee-Oh!-Graphic  Colorized Landsat photos

. A Wall Awash in Color  My own   

. Anish Kapoor in New York  

. Awash in Color: Roy G. Biv and Friends  Color globes, color wheels, color paintings

. Awash in Color: More Friends of Mr. Biv   Karabernick, Hafif, Ashley, Tallman, Gusky, Ray 

. Your Turn: Color, Geometry, and More  Petersen, Lake, Weathersby, Garcia-Fenech, others  

. Awash in Color: No Chromophobia  OK Harris goes totally chromatic in show curated by Rick Witter and Suzanne Kreps

. Awash in Color: Carlos Estrada-Vega and Olaf Nicolai

. Awash in Color at Metaphor Contemporary  Everetz, Neill, Gross, Terhune

. Sotto Voce  Monochrome paintings from Fontana, Soulanges, Wool, Schwalb  

. Painting ans Process, 30 Years Apart  Larry Poons and Carolanna Parlato

. El Anatsui at Jack Shainman  With some interesting connections

. On the Geometric Trail : Chelsea  Riley, Gregg, Cohen, Burri

. On the Geonmetric Trail SoHo  Kay WalkingStick, Machine Learning at the Painting Center

. On the Geometric Trail: Warren Isensee  

. On the Geometric Trail: Two of a Kind  Lewitt, Larsen

. On the Geometric Trail: Geometric Abstraction at McKenzie Fine Art 

. Martin Puryear at MoMA  


. Paths Real and Imagined  Nancy Azara's marvelous curatorial effort on the grounds of Byrdcliffe Art Center in Woodstock

. Dumpster Diving: Portia Munson  

. 27th Street Up Close  The Chelsea of then is not the Chelsea of now

. Chelsea's Skeleton Crew  That moment when it was all about skulls and bones 

. Serra on the Surface: Looking at Sculpture with a Painter's Eye  

. Serra and Stella: Big Boys in Big Spaces  At MoMA and the Met, respectively 


. Luminous Depths  Group show at the Ben Shahn Galleries of Wm. Paterson University, curated by Nancy Einreinhofer

. Talking About Geoform

Black and White

. 2016: Black and White  Meyer, Zinn, Kelly, de Oude, Ryman

. 2015: Summer Nocturne  Di Donna, Natale, Voisine

. 2015: And Other Poems  Toby Sisson

. 2013: A Whiter Shade of Pale  Nan, Field, Bartley, Glessner, Clary, Mattera at Kenise Barnes 

. 2012: Hold the Color   Roseman, Furunes, Duffin, Goldman, Evangeline, Burr, Natale and others

. 2012: Vivian Maier  Work from the then-newly discovered photographer


. 2020: Agnes Pelton, Emil Bisttram, and Raymond Jonson   

. 2012: Transcendence Times Two  Lori Ellison and Tantric paintings  

. 2011: Graces Received  Italian ex votos at the Calandra Institute

. 2010: Tantric Paintings

. 2009: The Red Book  Jung's fabled volume

One-offs I Love

. 2017: Inventing Downtown  The early artist-run galleries

. 2017: What an Artist Looks Like  Kerry James Marshall; Velasquez's Juan de Pareja at the Met

. 2017: "This work is by an artist from a nation whose citizens are being denied entry into the United States"  A powerful statement at MoMA  

. 2015: Peculiar Realist   Giorgio Morandi at the Center for Italian Modern Art in SoHo

. 2009: Stephen Haller: Remembering Morandi  The esteemed gallerist recalls his friendship with the iconic painter 

. 2009: Getting High in West Chelsea  The Opening of the first section of The High Line

. Soggiorno a Napoli  Part travelog, part love letter

. In the Bay of Naples: Ischia and Procida  

A 2010 Project:  Marcia Wood gathered her gallery artists to produce a series called "Pull"

Printmaking Camp, Day 1

. Printmaking Camp, Day 2

. Printmaking Camp, Days 3 and 4

. Printmaking Camp, Day 5

. Printmaking Camp, Day 6 


. 2010: My First Blog Award  It's not what you think

. 2009: Holland Cotter: "It's day-job time in America, and that's OK"  No, it's not OK 

. 2009: Where's the Bailout for the Arts? The pandemic showed us just how much things haven't changed. (One bit of good news, though: This time self-employed artists qualified for unemployment)

. 2008: The NEA Does a Study About Artists  Surprise: We're poor, women are underrepresented

. 2008: Color with a Y Chromosome  A lot of color at MoMA, not too many women included

. 2008: The Downturn in Chelsea  More observation than rant

. 2008: Signs of Testosterone Poisoning, Exhibit A  When a curator says, "Only men are capable of aesthetic greatness."

. 2007: An Offer I Can Refuse  Getting trolled by a pay-to-play gallery

. 2007: Bax-ploitation  The story of a three-day delivery that was anything but

. 2006: I am Not an 'Encaustic Artist'  Define me by my work, not my medium. Jeez.

Sonnets and Missives from Cyberspace

I saved the best for last. Spam filters don't let most of this stuff in anymore, but being a waste-not-want-not kind of person, back then I put it to good use.

. 2013: Sexy Russian Ladies

. 2010: Gold Dust. Miss Monalisa Wuko. I've Got Mail! 

. 2007: The Penis Monologues

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