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For 10 years I went to Miami in December for the art fairs. Sometimes I had work with a gallery, sometimes not. Being there was a lot of fun and a ton of work, and when I returned home I spent the rest of the month editing photos and writing about the experience. It was a crazy thing to have done—I mean, it was a full-time job with no salary and ridiculously high expensesbut I saw a world's worth of art in five or six days. Writing about it all allowed me to make sense of it—and not incidentally to share it with you. Sometimes I even reported on the Armory Week fairs in New York. 

2013 at Art Basel Miami Beach: a pristine-condition Morris Louis, Gamma Omicron, 1960, and limited-edition Brancusi, at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York City

A post script from 2021 as I repost the links to these fairs: In the span of 10 years, galleries and fairs came and went. Some fairs that started out so chic and smart went bust as they moved to larger venues. The venues had their share of problems, like wobbly floors, malfunctioning A/C, rickety booth walls, even flooding. The weather could be gloriously temperate one year and horribly humid and rainy another. Hotels ratcheted up their rates insanely. So did taxis—if you could even find one. But seeing these posts again reminded me of why I went: to experience the thrill of seeing human creative expression in all its breadth . (And, not incidentally, to catch up with art friends from around the country, and to connect with critics, curators and dealers who have remained friends, colleagues, and collaborators.)

Here I've provided links to the original posts on my earlier, now-archival blog. (And you notice there's a Donate button on those pages. That blog may be archival, but donations are always welcome.)

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