About This Blog

I started blogging in 2006 on the Blogger platform. Blogger seemed too good to be true: a free service with pretty a much endless capacity to accommodate my posts. From 2006 to early 2016, I used an early version of Blogger to report on art fairs and exhibitions in New York City, Miami, and wherever I traveled. I downloaded photos from a point-and-shoot camera, Photoshopping everything so as to present every artist and exhibition in the best possible light. Blogger was not without its glitches, so my commitment to post came with a good deal of frustration. (A free service means there's no one to call when you have a problem.)

In 2016, I switched to a new, bigger, better Blogger format. I liked being able to show larger images, and I posted regularly until March 2021 when, inexplicably, I was locked out of my own blog. It's still viewable, but I can't get in to update it. And there's no tech support to fix the problem if community advice fails.

What to do? Well, it's clear that a "free" blog platform can come with a very high price when there's a problem, so I decided to switch my operation to Icompendium, a paid website. The technical help is fabulous, and it has been a pleasant surprise to work on a template unfettered with glitches. I will gratefully accept donations, since I'm now paying an annual fee for the blog and spending untold hours migrating material from the old site to this one.

Two incarnations of the blog: 2006-2015, left; and 2016-2021

You can see the 2006-2015 version in its entirety here 

The 2015-2021 version in its entirety here

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